A body of work formed by the collection of materials, sculptures as a result of specific object-making, performance autoethnography and collective experiences. Enduringly participating in radical networked groups.

(Contents), (forms), vulnerable, messy and analytical, collaborative, political, decolonial and ritualistic, transnational, relational; embodied, queer. I research, make and perform for personal sensual pleasure and for a “common” purpose. In this sense, it is the critical part of Magic, as you do it because of solidarity.

Currently, I am focused on materials management, as biodegradable textiles, botanicals, rocks, sands, muds, recycled metals, woods, plant-based fibres, natural oils, resins, molecular, ready-made objects, and imaginary elements. I am taking into account the level of laboratory modification, ecological footprint, life-cycle stage, uses, origin, quantity, order, scale, scope, social connotations, totemic value, and borough ́s logistics. 


Araceli Gómez Castro (b. 1994, Mexico City) is an artist based in London; she is studying for a master’s degree in Sculpture at the Royal College of Art (London). She studied a degree in Fine Arts at the University of Granada (Andalusia) and Mimar Sinan Güzel Sanatlar Universitesi (Istanbul). She also enjoyed the Erasmus + Traineeship Scholarship at SCAN Spanish Contemporary Art Network in London (2018). 

She has participated in group exhibitions like Yök. Erasmus exchange students., At Mimar Sinan Güzel Sanatlar Universitesi Istanbul (2016); Corporations. Circuits Program of the UGR, in the Casa de Porras (2018); The Murmur of the Crowd in the Palace of Condes de Gabia, Granada (2018); Beyond at SET Dalston Lane, London (2019); Camaradas, exhibition resulting from the Art Contest of the Embassy of Mexico in the United Kingdom, at the Menier Gallery in London (2020); Dirty Hands and Revelations II at Standpoint Gallery in London (2020); iobject at Freud Museum, London (2021). As well as her individual exhibitions at Marta Gualda, Charlotte, USA (2019, 2021).







Marta Gualda, Charlotte